4 DAYS  



MAY 3-6 2016



It wouldn't be juicy if we didnt keep changing things up on you. So pay attention people!!

The day will start off with a riveting registration process followed by camp orientation where you will receive the quick rundown for the day.

Camp ALLGCUC is just for the novice. We will be giving you all of the information anyone who attends ALLGCUC needs to know about starting and running their coworking empire.

07:30 Registration

08:45 Camp Orientation

09:00 Session 1 (Finance )

We will be kicking off the day centered on the bottom line… the nitty gritty numbers. We will be whipping out the spreadsheets to show you the real cost of owning and running a coworking space. we have a simple rule of thumb – if the numbers don't work, don't open. – Don Ball

10:00 Break

10:15 Session 2 (Community)

One of the most important topics of the day will be the secret sauce of coworking…community. You cant buy it, you have to build it. We will cover how to get it, how to build it, and what to do with it when ya got it. – David Walker & Iris Kavangh

11:15 Break

11:30 Session 3 (Design)

Design is critical to the success, flow and function of your coworking space. We will cover everything from the windows to the walls…. and everything else in between. – Jerome Chang

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Activity (Scavenger Hunt)

14:45 Session 4 (Tech)

Its not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of tools and technology to flawlessly run a coworking space. Its not just software and hardware, its a methodology and we’re about to blow your mind. – Bill Jacobson

15:45 Snack

16:00 Session 5 (Negotiations & Legal)

We just couldn’t leave you hanging when it comes to the legal shenanigans you are sure to face. We will cover the basics of contract negotiations and teach you some yoda like skills. – Toby Mathis

17:00 Wrap Up

17:30 Campfire Happy Hour!

19:00 Campfire ends


Kicking off the Juicy experience, we will start bright and early with registration and pastries … and coffee lots and lots of coffee.

Tracks...this is new, so listen up vets. We have designated 4 topics and curated talks on each - Coworking 101 (for the newbies), Real Estate (for the CRE group), Entreprenuership (for growth) and Coworking 2.0 (for the veterans). Stick to one track or mix and match, but when the room is at capacity, you have to resort to plan B.

07:30 Registration & Pastries

08:30 Welcome - Liz Elam

08:40 A Coworking Story

Why Coworking is the key to my success - Brian Meece

09:10 Building the Foundation

Our Story, Our Future (saving the world one workstation at a time) - Frank Cottle

09:30 Why Music Matters

How to reduce distractions with music - Will Henshall

09:45 Ice Breaker - Jeremy Neuner

10:15 The Social Workplace

Call it what you will, it's about choice and people - Jean-Yves Huwart

10:30 Multi Sensory Design

It's so much more than just furniture - Melissa Marsh

11:00 The Future of work - Steve King

11:15 The Far Side of the World Panel - Bob Zheng & Brad Krauskopf & Sherif Kamel

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Track session choice #1

  1. New Paths to revenue – Coworking 101
  2. Negotiations and Contracts – Real Estate
  3. The website design of the future – Entrepreneurship
  4. How to scale your community – Coworking 2.0

14:30 Break

14:45 Track session choice #2

  1. How to be a community stand out – Coworking 101
  2. The Future Office – Real Estate
  3. Legal Pitfalls – Entrepreneurship
  4. Multiple location management – Coworking 2.0

15:45 Break

16:00 Track session choice #3

  1. HR – How to hire and manage – Coworking 101
  2. The Manager of Tomorrow will be a community manager – Real Estate
  3. Stress management and your health – Entrepreneurship
  4. How to raise money – Coworking 2.0

17:00 Day One - Rap UP

17:30 Happy Hour


We are going to start the day off with a little soul sparking meditation. We'll dive right in to the numbers, explore growth, and hear some juicy stories... complete with a mic drop. After lunch we will talk design and technology followed by our world famous unconference in the afternoon.

07:45 Coffee and Parfaits

08:30 Welcome

08:40 The Future of Coworking: an Analysis of the numbers from the Global Survey - Carsten Foersch

09:00 A conversation on growth strategy - Jamie Hodari and Debra Larsen

09:30 Storytelling - 10 Minutes and a Mic drop - Paul Hemming & Ashley Proctor

10:00 Break

10:15 Future design what is the next model? Hybrid? Office? Open? Let's debate! - Bob Fox

11:15 Workspace Infrastucture goes bleeding edge and revenue follows- Tony Freeth

12:00 Lunch

13:15 Unconference Formation

13:45 Unconference Session #1

Session 1 Unconference topic – It’s day of crowd sourced content. Everyone can be a speaker at ALLGCUC!

14:45 Break

15:00 Unconference Session #2

Session 2 Unconference topic – It’s day of crowd sourced content. Everyone can be a speaker at ALLGCUC!

15:45 Break

16:00 Unconference Session #3

Session 2 Unconference topic – It’s day of crowd sourced content. Everyone can be a speaker at ALLGCUC!

16:45 Break

17:00 Wrap Up

17:15 Go explore LA & eat dinner with your new friends!

18:00 Closing Disco Party


ALLGCUC Finale! Optional coworking tours around LA. See how the West Coast does it. Tears and hugs.

10:00 Coworking Tours!

Coworking Tours! We are curating a number of Coworking tours around the city!
Pick your poison and join us on the bus! More to come, so stay tuned.

*We reserve the right to change things up to keep you on your toes - this thing is fluid!

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