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MAY 3-6 2016

David Walker


David is one of the original pioneers of the global coworking movement. He brings seven years experience working in the coworking industry, having launched and led operations at Conjunctured, the first coworking space in Austin and one of the original coworking communities in the world. Today, there are 33 coworking spaces in Austin and over 5,000 spaces across the world. Conjunctured has received global acclaim, not only for being an innovative workspace alternative, but also for its unique community-first approach to work and thought leadership in the coworking industry.

In September 2014, after six years of coworking, the Conjunctured house closed its doors. Following its closure, in an effort to open the ‘coworking model’ into greater society, Conjunctured partners, Drew and David, launched a hybrid consultancy called The OpenWork Agency. The OpenWork Agency is a coworking consultancy that helps real estate developers, companies, and potential operators assess, plan, and execute coworking solutions. We have a combined 30+ years of experience in the coworking industry, and have developed a turnkey model for helping others succeed in the industry.

Walker graduated in 2006 with a Marketing degree from The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas along with a concentration in Sociology. David’s mission is to help evolve outdated models of work into dynamic, ecosystems of collaboration.

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