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MAY 3-6 2016

Iris Kavangh

Iris Kavangh Headshot

Iris Kavanagh became a member of a coworking space in January of 2009, got hooked on the magic and jumped behind the curtain to run the space, which proved to be an amazing experience.

As the Chief Community Officer of NextSpace, Iris helped grow the company from an idea to nine locations, +1500 members and 36 employees. Her primary role was to communicate and instill the organization’s culture in each new location. Her guidance helped the staff develop vibrant communities, push the definition of collaboration, and convey the culture to visitors and prospective new employees. Along the way, Iris co-founded the two coworking industry associations, LExC and COSHARE, and co-developed industry specific events including leading the unconference at GCUC for two years.

With 7 years of experience as a leader in the people centric shared workspace industry Iris now consults with owners and operators on operations, design, staffing and community building. She leads community manager mastermind groups and heads up the COSHARE board of directors. Her passion is helping people to work happier, which she believes is a result of working around great people, working with a purpose and working in a space that inspires a culture of collaboration and creativity.